Portable Burden

November 14, 2006 - Leave a Response

Sometimes, and all the benchers are with me, i’ll have the needing of carrying with my at Rome my laptop… Now i have the original bag for that but it’s terrible! It’s so uncomfortable that only the thought of having it in the hand allday long it’s painful. So I’m searching a bit truoght internet to find something that can fit my necessity. I found this product…

This Essential Notebook Backpack may be good.

It’s called the “Essential Notebook Backpack” it’s almost cheap and i think not toobig. I’m waiting now that my brother came back home so i’ll ask his opinion. But feel free to suggest me anithing.Just remember i don’t want the classic computer bag, i need something more young, more cyberpunk and that i can use to carry even other thing without the laptop.


Starting the University with a McHelp!

October 10, 2006 - Leave a Response

With a single look on the menu i knew what to take. A McMenu with a BigMac!

Yeah i’m a university student! Finally after 13 years i hear my professors speak of something i’m interested to. On monday there was the presentation of this year of Graphic and it was a thing quite long, till 2pm! When with Giovanni i jumped on the first Bus i was dying of hunger and the worst thing I haven’t much time and money.

When we got up on the Metro to the Bus Station i realized that i could have a solution to our problems. We got out at the Tiburtina Station and there we found a McDonald. The service was fast as always, and I ordered a McMenu with a very Big Big BIGMac, spending only 5 euros and 90 cents!

We swallowed all the things in five minutes and were ready to catch at the last moment the BUS to home. Tomorrow I have another lesson. Hope I’ll can take my time to eat.

Autumn Rains

October 4, 2006 - Leave a Response

Outside a pleasant cold air blows away the last memories of this summer. And the rain keeps everyone in their home. Now I opened the window and I can smell this air from here, on my desk. I’m tired and i want to be free doing everything i want, even if this woud mean doing nothing. But I can’t, i’ve to work more, i’ve to study, i simply can’t do a life where i think only of myself.

Some night i dream of this churchbells exploding like in V For Vendetta!

I just wanted to write down something. Ah the new fashion in the town is to ring the churchbells in every moment of the day… I think that i’ll buy a bazooka to blow them up!

Another Dumb Event

September 30, 2006 - Leave a Response

Do you think it's easy to find some parking in a place like this?

I can’t stand anymore this stupid festivals… Now what we have today? A folkloristyc ballet… Who cares?!? I’m asking only to enter with my car in this village, park it in a comfortable place and go home. It seems i’m want too much. Luckly today i’ll go to a mega Outlet with Rock and his car, so for one day this isn’t my problem.

Someone else is Lost

September 29, 2006 - One Response

Locke with Michael and his son

This telefilm sure thing is the best. I watch every episode with an enourmous joy. I mean what can be of more exciting than being Lost on an island that looks like the Hawai? This television series was broadcasted for the first time on September 22th 2004 and you know what? From October 4th will begin on ABC the third season. I just can’t wait anymore!

Will Jack, Locke and the others find a way to save themself, or will they became crazy by the odd situations? I think there’s some kind of alien project, or an organizzation moved by some High-Organized Old Mans.

See you on the Island!

So Lonely

September 29, 2006 - Leave a Response

It’s Launchtime, I know. However normally someone is sittin’ on the bench, but now with the laborers it’s kinda hard. I fell alone when i look out of the windows… Where are the grannies? Why aren’t they watching me? Someone must do something i can only hear rusty noises and no shout, none is calling loud “Emiliaaaa”. I Hope they will all come back to the bench.

Pandora is my DJ!

September 29, 2006 - One Response

Pandora is my Dj!

I always had the problem of wich song choose to make the day of Franco, Angela and the others more happy. But now that i discovered Pandora I can finally know more artists that I like. In fact Pandora became my personal Dj, for the first time i simply wrote one of my favorite artists and then immediatly Pandora created a Radio Station that “explores that part of the music Universe”. As a registered member I can express my tastes more and more, give feed backs and listen everyday to a station that I just love, because it’s created on me!Thanks Pandora, now even Anna is listening to my music!

Watching out of the Window…

September 29, 2006 - One Response

I see a world full of grannies and old mans. They talk, shout and really often sit on that green bench. Why watch some fake Tv-Show? I have only to open my window. With this blog I want to introduce you to this Universe, the Universe in a small village. You will know how many times Franco walks from one alley to another or wich are the well-known problem of the period. Finally, ask Angela and you’re sure you’ll know everything.

But please, be seated before i begin.