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February 5, 2008


Ever heard of something like that? Well you should. Looking to a pic like this don’t you fell you heart full of loneliness?

You are like a polygon formed by many squares, and yet you are empty inside. You’re nothing more then a skin of something of 100×100 pixels and you haven’t even a single pixel of depth to protect you from the gray world outside.

Just think about it, the girl that sometimes comes out the Beauty Point to smoke a cigarette agrees with me, she only thinks it a little different, like glossy lipstick and things like those.


Portable Burden
November 14, 2006

Sometimes, and all the benchers are with me, i’ll have the needing of carrying with my at Rome my laptop… Now i have the original bag for that but it’s terrible! It’s so uncomfortable that only the thought of having it in the hand allday long it’s painful. So I’m searching a bit truoght internet to find something that can fit my necessity. I found this product…

This Essential Notebook Backpack may be good.

It’s called the “Essential Notebook Backpack” it’s almost cheap and i think not toobig. I’m waiting now that my brother came back home so i’ll ask his opinion. But feel free to suggest me anithing.Just remember i don’t want the classic computer bag, i need something more young, more cyberpunk and that i can use to carry even other thing without the laptop.

Starting the University with a McHelp!
October 10, 2006

With a single look on the menu i knew what to take. A McMenu with a BigMac!

Yeah i’m a university student! Finally after 13 years i hear my professors speak of something i’m interested to. On monday there was the presentation of this year of Graphic and it was a thing quite long, till 2pm! When with Giovanni i jumped on the first Bus i was dying of hunger and the worst thing I haven’t much time and money.

When we got up on the Metro to the Bus Station i realized that i could have a solution to our problems. We got out at the Tiburtina Station and there we found a McDonald. The service was fast as always, and I ordered a McMenu with a very Big Big BIGMac, spending only 5 euros and 90 cents!

We swallowed all the things in five minutes and were ready to catch at the last moment the BUS to home. Tomorrow I have another lesson. Hope I’ll can take my time to eat.