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February 5, 2008


Ever heard of something like that? Well you should. Looking to a pic like this don’t you fell you heart full of loneliness?

You are like a polygon formed by many squares, and yet you are empty inside. You’re nothing more then a skin of something of 100×100 pixels and you haven’t even a single pixel of depth to protect you from the gray world outside.

Just think about it, the girl that sometimes comes out the Beauty Point to smoke a cigarette agrees with me, she only thinks it a little different, like glossy lipstick and things like those.


Aesthetic Benchers
March 12, 2007

In a medieval town, i think this way for a beautician!

That’s the news! The square in front of my window will give hospitality to a beautician! The things are two: from nowhere will appear a lot of gorgeous girls, and I can only be happy of that; or a lot of old ladies, the usual benchers, will began to do some absurd treatments and the gossip hell will be even greater!

Metropolitan Project
December 12, 2006

I Love Metro


I began to work a bit for the exam of History of the Contemporaty Art. My project is focalized on the metro, if i must think of something cyberpunk I immediatly think of this place. It’s wonderful how this enourmous worm run underground with a lot of angry people on its inside. But i want to think something more of the actual project, I want it more interesting, more shocking. I hope this afternoon something cool will come in my mind. I’ve time almost till next Sunday, the last lesson of this year for the exam of art.


I kinda like the easy way I can upload images in this blog. So sleeck!

Where to travel? I know!
December 9, 2006

50 Travel Sites You Probably Never Heard Of

We are in December, it means that we are soon to begin the Twothousandandseven! Now of course all the old person, known as the Benchers, have prenoted they’re travels. I know for example that someone will go to his countryside, like everyday. But I want more, I want to escape (from the country) to enjoy the holidays in cyberpunk way!

I want this, but i’m to lazy to go out and search for the right travel-kit, amazing and cheap. Like always i found the solution to my problems here, simply sitting on my chair, with the help of the net.

I’m talking of “50 Best Travel Sites You Probably Never Heard Of“, from here I can browse indeed throught a lot of travel-sites. These are divided in categories (Social-Travel Networks, Travel Booking, Flying & Airlines, Travel Videos & Images, Specialty Travel – Interest – Lifestyle and so on) that helps in finding what i’m seeking for. Maybe for now i can’t hope to travel thanks to I think i’ll find the best travel for me in, yep lot of nightclubs, like all the benchers like!

Portable Burden
November 14, 2006

Sometimes, and all the benchers are with me, i’ll have the needing of carrying with my at Rome my laptop… Now i have the original bag for that but it’s terrible! It’s so uncomfortable that only the thought of having it in the hand allday long it’s painful. So I’m searching a bit truoght internet to find something that can fit my necessity. I found this product…

This Essential Notebook Backpack may be good.

It’s called the “Essential Notebook Backpack” it’s almost cheap and i think not toobig. I’m waiting now that my brother came back home so i’ll ask his opinion. But feel free to suggest me anithing.Just remember i don’t want the classic computer bag, i need something more young, more cyberpunk and that i can use to carry even other thing without the laptop.

Autumn Rains
October 4, 2006

Outside a pleasant cold air blows away the last memories of this summer. And the rain keeps everyone in their home. Now I opened the window and I can smell this air from here, on my desk. I’m tired and i want to be free doing everything i want, even if this woud mean doing nothing. But I can’t, i’ve to work more, i’ve to study, i simply can’t do a life where i think only of myself.

Some night i dream of this churchbells exploding like in V For Vendetta!

I just wanted to write down something. Ah the new fashion in the town is to ring the churchbells in every moment of the day… I think that i’ll buy a bazooka to blow them up!

Another Dumb Event
September 30, 2006

Do you think it's easy to find some parking in a place like this?

I can’t stand anymore this stupid festivals… Now what we have today? A folkloristyc ballet… Who cares?!? I’m asking only to enter with my car in this village, park it in a comfortable place and go home. It seems i’m want too much. Luckly today i’ll go to a mega Outlet with Rock and his car, so for one day this isn’t my problem.

So Lonely
September 29, 2006

It’s Launchtime, I know. However normally someone is sittin’ on the bench, but now with the laborers it’s kinda hard. I fell alone when i look out of the windows… Where are the grannies? Why aren’t they watching me? Someone must do something i can only hear rusty noises and no shout, none is calling loud “Emiliaaaa”. I Hope they will all come back to the bench.

Watching out of the Window…
September 29, 2006

I see a world full of grannies and old mans. They talk, shout and really often sit on that green bench. Why watch some fake Tv-Show? I have only to open my window. With this blog I want to introduce you to this Universe, the Universe in a small village. You will know how many times Franco walks from one alley to another or wich are the well-known problem of the period. Finally, ask Angela and you’re sure you’ll know everything.

But please, be seated before i begin.