Want a 1on1 on Backgammon?


I was born in the far nineteen… No wait, I wanted to write I was born knowing the rules of the Backgammon! My grandmother it’s like a goddess of this game, I only won two times against her, and I think she let me win. So I know I must train myself a lot to beat her. You all knows the best way for me to do everything is the way I can walk sitting on my chair. And here comes 1on1Backgammon.com! This is a great site that offers an excellent and over-the-edge secure service for players like me, that want to play against the bests without moving any muscle that is not the fingertip! To play there’s a free downloadable backgammon software. For the first time there are 5$ free, and after that the first deposit has a bonus of the 30% and for any, I mean any problem, the customer service is online 24/7.

You’re not yet downloading the backgammon software? Lemme say this, you can challenge dudes of your levels and if you want to surprise your enemy with some tricky moves there are a lot of different articles on every aspect of the Backgammon!


2 Responses

  1. Hi! You have made a nice post, and I hope you get paid for it by Creamaid. This is the third time they have not paid me for posts they have approved and added to the conversation widget. I didn’t get paid $15 for this post, nor a single cent at all. I don’t know why sometimes they pay and yet they have missed to pay 3 out of 6 posts I have written for them which have been syndicated already.

  2. Hi Mr. Bench!

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my post 1on1 Backgammon.

    It’s highly appreciated and I hope you’ll drop by again and find something you’d be interested in. Unfortunately, the emails I’ve sent customer service were never responded to and I still have never gotten any payments for the 3 out of 6 posts I made for them.


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