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Get the Money… With AGLOCO
March 14, 2007


People like me are always surfing in the net searching for something. Every time I open a page with some ads, like banners that asks me if I’m stupid, someone earn some money. And why that happen? I don’t know… But I surely know that these times are ended! I discovered AGLOCO Cash Machine their motto? “Own the internet” In fact, simply downloading and using their viewbar, one earn from a lot of things. For example I’ll get referral fees from ads, transactions, software distribution and so on.

From now no one, especially the old womans that are sitting on the Village Bench, can say to me that it’s a waste of time and money to surf on the Internet!


Aesthetic Benchers
March 12, 2007

In a medieval town, i think this way for a beautician!

That’s the news! The square in front of my window will give hospitality to a beautician! The things are two: from nowhere will appear a lot of gorgeous girls, and I can only be happy of that; or a lot of old ladies, the usual benchers, will began to do some absurd treatments and the gossip hell will be even greater!

Improving Z-Skills
March 10, 2007


Finally I finished my first exam session, and it was quite a success. I’ve done all my exam with over-the-top results. And now I’m just relaxing a bit. I’m starting to train by myself with some programs. For example in the past few days I’ve done a lot of tutorial of Z-Brush. Useless to say that it’s something extraordinary to model a ball like it is Pongo, or Dido! And with the texturing, it’s unbelievable.

 What do you think of this monster? It’s quite a mess, but it’s always something!