Go Fish? No, Go Poker!

The Black Deck... I think i'll buy it very soon!

Finally, like always, the ironic fate brought to me Ilaria with her very fitting gift, a brand new bag, like the one i wanted from years *like one week* for my laptop! And now that i can easily take with me a lot of things, without suffering for the burdens, i have always the playing card. Since the “match” against Alessandro, that I won, i wanted more and more to play cards, expecially Texas Hold’Em. So i began to train, and now i cand shuffle decks and do trick with the fiches almost like a pro!

But not all my friends are near my town… Not one at all to be precise. So i usally play with my pals in university, but when i come home I want to play but i found no one. And while i was despairing for the second time the destiny came in my help and I discovered PokerDIY. With this service i can keep in touch with my poker friend and organize a poker event. So I can invite people to play with me and possibly i can meet new gamers!

PokerDIY is what I was searching for. Finally i can win money with poker and in the meantime organize my leagues online!


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  1. Who is Ilaria?

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