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Starting the University with a McHelp!
October 10, 2006

With a single look on the menu i knew what to take. A McMenu with a BigMac!

Yeah i’m a university student! Finally after 13 years i hear my professors speak of something i’m interested to. On monday there was the presentation of this year of Graphic and it was a thing quite long, till 2pm! When with Giovanni i jumped on the first Bus i was dying of hunger and the worst thing I haven’t much time and money.

When we got up on the Metro to the Bus Station i realized that i could have a solution to our problems. We got out at the Tiburtina Station and there we found a McDonald. The service was fast as always, and I ordered a McMenu with a very Big Big BIGMac, spending only 5 euros and 90 cents!

We swallowed all the things in five minutes and were ready to catch at the last moment the BUS to home. Tomorrow I have another lesson. Hope I’ll can take my time to eat.


Autumn Rains
October 4, 2006

Outside a pleasant cold air blows away the last memories of this summer. And the rain keeps everyone in their home. Now I opened the window and I can smell this air from here, on my desk. I’m tired and i want to be free doing everything i want, even if this woud mean doing nothing. But I can’t, i’ve to work more, i’ve to study, i simply can’t do a life where i think only of myself.

Some night i dream of this churchbells exploding like in V For Vendetta!

I just wanted to write down something. Ah the new fashion in the town is to ring the churchbells in every moment of the day… I think that i’ll buy a bazooka to blow them up!